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The Brand

Un’amicizia che diventa un progetto ambizioso, una visione condivisa di stile, eleganza, attitudine e approccio alla vita.
Luís Figo. Uomo d’affari, imprenditore, dirigente ed ex calciatore portoghese, considerato uno dei più grandi calciatori della storia.
Gandolfo Albanese. Imprenditore con esperienza ventennale nel mondo del fashion, soprattutto maschile.

Luís e Gandolfo sono l'anima di LF.

Almada, Setúbal district.

Sulla sponda meridionale del fiume Tago la cittadina osserva Lisbona, che sull’altro lato sembra aprirsi all’abbraccio dell’imponente statua del Cristo Re.

La capitale è vicina ma sembra lontanissima, destinazione di tanti pendolari che ogni giorno attraversano il fiume per scrivere una nuova
pagina della propria esistenza.

The roots of a unique story

Cova de la Piedade is a suburb of Almada; from here, the 12-year-old Luís, son of a merchant and a seamstress, spends his days running around wearing a pair of little football shoes, which will later lead him to become one of the greatest footballers ever.

From Almada to Lisbon, and further on.Towards destinations that seem impossibleto reach.

He runs through the streets around his house, runs to catch the bus, to jump on the ferry to
Lisbon, to take his first steps while still very young on the football field, to take the bus again and not miss the last ferry home. The backpack tight between his fingers, without ever stopping.

Luís’ life has always been a race between deep feelings, determination and respect for
himself and others. A succession of victories, unforgettable games, accomplishments, great teams and many trophies won, among them the most prestigious: the Golden Ball in 2000, an award reserved for a very few.

An uncompromising story, in good times as in the most difficult ones. Because for everyone, teammates and fans, it is difficult to give up on someone who has proven to be not only an outstanding player, but first and foremost a hard worker and a loyal companion.

An attitude that goes beyond football. Over the years, Luís has also dedicated himself to charity projects, first becoming a Unicef Ambassador and then setting up the Figo Foundation for children in need, never forgetting those first steps taken so many years earlier in Almada. A desire to run that never left him, even after leaving the football fields.

His energy is now devoted to a business career as a UEFA ambassador and testimonial for several brands and initiatives. Luís is synonymous of style and elegance, a passion that comes from afar, an impulse for distinction and identity. Not only to wear, the dream is to create something that is unique.

So many experiences and that commonthread that weaves the strands of existenceand sometimes draws unexpected paths.

Luís remembers well the skilful hands of his mother Maria at work on fabrics and yarns, her attention to detail, her natural talent as a seamstress capable of creating small treasures. The same experiences that Luís’s friend Gandolfo Albanese, also the son of a seamstress named Maria, had in Italy, and who turned this imprinting into a passion and

a profession in the fashion world. By sharing values and experience, Luís and Gandolfo give life to LF, a new chicwear brand made in Italy with a sartorial soul. Dedicated to the man who wants to fully and uncompromisingly live, strong instincts that characterise him in a balance between elegance and constant dynamism.

Without forgetting its own history, origins and the innate instinct to never stop.