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Everyday wear for uncommon people

LF is a brand designed to dress dynamic and out-of-the-ordinary men, who love elegance and style on every occasion.

A distinctive monogram, not only for Luís Figo, but for every man who wants to live his life without compromises, in constant movement, following his own instinct.

Every day in the best version of itself.

The brand is built on the values of its own testimonial. A heritage that becomes the brand’s DNA.

The brand’s target is to consolidate a strong reputation, starting from shared values and then developing proposals of excellence that will become conscious and identifying choices for the customers.

Establishing the brand over time to make it long-lasting and successful.

The great professionalism and experience of the LF sales office has permitted to structure a strategic plan to spread the brand in the biggest department stores and multi-brand stores in :

Europa (55%) / Usa (10%) / South America (10%) / Asia (8%) / CIS (7%) / India (5%) / Middle East (5%).


LF is a combination of attitude and design, distinctiveness and instinct.

Those who work with LF have the same DNA, determined and with a strong personal ethic. LF starts with a timeless style and constantly searches for the spark that can be the next evolutionary step on the market.

Always look beyond, even to your own products. An approach that we find in the man Luís Figo, who as a great footballer was able to reinvent himself and become a reference figure in every initiative undertaken after his career on the fields all over the world.

LF is a brand created to become a landmark for the man who wants to face impeccably every experience that life has in store for him.